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120cm Round Floor Mat Soft Plush Carpet Blanket Area Rug Cushion Home Decorations

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120cm Round Floor Mat Soft Plush Carpet Blanket Area Rug Cushion Home Decorations
Color: Dark gray/Light Coffee/Khaki/Pink+Purple/Silver Gray/Sky Blue/Light Browm
Material: Polyester fiber Soft Plush
Shape: Round
Style: Tie Dyed Gradient
Size: 120CM (47.2")
Thickness: 4.5CM (1.8")
1.Non-slip design: polyester fiber soft plush with non-slip bottom, breathable and does not wear the floor, line soft and soft 4.5cm suede, relieve foot fatigue, soft carpet surface, delicate plush.
2.Tie-dyed variegated color gradient:with a unique tie-dyeing process, the carpet has a unique gradient pattern to make your home warmer and more comfortable.
3.Super soft: these floor carpets will protect all flooring from damage and protects the toes from cold and hard floors, give your feet the gift of exceptionally comfort and massage feeling.
4. Beautify your home :an excellent home carpet, you should not only step on it, but also you can hold a book, rest on the bed, or enjoy the cute children crawling on the carpet, or in the bedroom, living room, study, you can be comfortable enjoy a leisure time.
Package Included:
1 x Floor Mat
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